Use What You Have

When I was in my late 20’s, I wrote a letter to a woman who had written a book that helped me.  I was many miles away from family, had no mentors, and was trying to make my way as a mother (never really thought I would be one), past the romantic stage of marriage (3 kids in), and grateful for the input from a stranger/writer.  We exchanged several letters and at one point, she told me I should be writing.

“Ha!” I thought.  When? How?  I was too busy and overwhelmed to imagine that I might be able to put coherent (and positive) thought to paper (this was earlier than computers, by the way).  “Can’t” is was I told her.

Thankfully, she responded with grace and encouragement.

“Then keep a journal.  Not a diary of what you did in a day, but record your life lessons.  Someday, you will share them and you will need accurate memories.  You are a writer.”image-300x300

Thankfully, I heeded her advice.  I started journaling.  And I continue to journal.  I have almost 40 years of journals.  I have them dated and in order.  They are my own library of my own life.


By keeping my journals, I unintentionally became very intentional.  I saw myself changing.  I began to consider who and how and why, choosing for myself, considering my investment.  I clearly saw that I was growing and evolving.

The great result of becoming intentional is that I am satisfied.  Grateful. Optimistic. Smiling at the future.  Intentional.

I am passionate about encouraging and inspiring others, in whichever third they find themselves in, to be intentional about designing the rest of their life. And to be satisfied.

See ways to contribute and enjoy and use all that you have lived and learned. Be intentional. Live your life on purpose.


YourBestThirdThird is a way for me, Debbie Hensleigh, work in progress, to help you discern how to take all of your Learning and Earning and to design YOUR Own Best Third Third.


“It is never too late to be what you might have been.” — George Eliot


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