Our local newspaper occasionally highlights, and honors, people in their ThirdThird. They find interesting (of course) older humans who have a story others might like to hear. Recently, a phrase stated by a 87 year old woman, widowed and no longer driving and limited in her gardening and canning activities, stuck with me. A long article had chronicled her life as daughter and wife and mother. The limitations were listed only as an aside of her current life. She certainly wasn’t lamenting or feeling sorry for herself. In fact, her summary of her longevity was …

“day to day, you just have to make your happiness.”

How do you do that? Make your own happiness? 3644730668_239c89b547_b

1. Filter other’s expectations.
Much of our unhappiness comes from fear of offending others.

2. Do what you said you would do.
Much of our guilt comes from not doing what we know we should.

3. Treat yourself with kindness.
Do unto self what you would do for others.

4. Be reasonable.
There are only so many waking hours in a day.

5. Affirm what’s important to you.
Not “what’s important,” but what’s important to YOU.

6. Smile.
Even if you are alone, a smile will nudge to happy.

7. Give thanks.
Count your blessings and see how your attitude changes.