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I’m committed to living out my ThirdThird in the best possible way I can.  My ThirdThird.  My Best ThirdThird.

Since having my “30-more-years” aha moment in 2012, I have a pretty consistent mindset of making it the best I can.  A huge part of that is remaining physically fit and active.

Younger Next Year (for women, in my case) is inspirational.  “An hour of vigorous exercise daily for the rest of my life” is one message I hear and accept.  “Careful what you eat” is another.

Neither of these is a big change for me.

I’ve been focused on low-sugar, clean-food, moderate-fat since reading Adele Davis in the 70’s.

I’ve been exercising regularly since 1988 when my personal battle with fatigue and weakness ended with my myasthenia gravis proclaimed to be in remission. I needed to find a way to rebuild my strength and discovered I really like weight lifting and didn’t mind an elliptical machine for cardio. unnamed1

Over the years, I have kept it up.  I have been weak and I don’t want to return there.

Now, though, I’m faced with the challenge of staving off old age and the natural decline o my body.  There is more at stake…. keeping fit and active in my ThirdThird is hugely important to me.

So, I get out and do something daily.  Run. Walk. Yoga class. Weights. Spin class.

And, I consciously consider what I eat. Splurges occur (think, homemade chocolate Kahlua ice cream).  But there is no denying the importance of nutrition. Daily choices.

My BEST ThirdThird is focused. It is simple. It is being purposeful in daily life.

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