Mix It Up: D & S

We all are a mix of the four styles.  No style is bad.  No mix is bad.

Each of us the potential to be GREAT.

The more we understand ourselves and the inherent preferences we have for behavior, the more successful we will be, the less stressed we will be AND, as we learn to manage our strengths (so as not to use them in excess), there is a confidence and strength that comes.

An “S” and “D” mix is one of the less uncommon patterns. The D is task-oriented and fast-paced while the S is people-oriented and slow-paced.

This is really a great mix, because the “S” really doesn’t want to be in charge and is happy to have the “D” make the decisions and set the pace……as long as the “D” is considerate and inclusive (which is not always the most natural approach of a “D”).  The “S” will be supportive and helpful and a loyal friend/employee/partner in a respectful environment.

A “D” loves to be in charge and is usually a “big picture” person who wants to get something started and to do something and to see results.  The “S” is happy to be a worker bee, getting the tasks done and facilitating the “D’s” goals……as long as there in no conflict and as long as any changes are approached cautiously, with ample communication, and with time to adjust.

A “D/S” person is a great Executive Assistant.  (I personally know two of them!).  They exist to make someone else successful.  They love to coordinate and to cover the bases for their boss.  They make their bosses look better than they really are, at times….and these two that I know are appreciated by their bosses and rewarded well.

Whether the DS is two people or the personal wiring of an individual, it is potentially a smooth and successful combination. Respect and communication have to be part of the working together relationship. If that is there, all will be well.

There is power and freedom in knowing yourself well.

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