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Discovering your personal mission is key to living your life with purpose… and key in designing your BEST ThirdThird. Over the next 6 weeks here on the blog at, we are going to be working through how to discover your personal mission statement.

The place to start in writing your own Personal Mission Statement is to think of how you see yourself.

Step 1: Draw a simple image that describes you.

The first thing that pops into your mind. This is not an art exercise! Don’t worry about your artistic skills.  But be creative and be honest.

How do you see yourself?

Here is my image of myself….

describe yourself

And I told you this is not an art exercise.  In case you can’t tell what this is… is a salt shaker.

I see myself as SALT.

Salt is one of the most important seasonings.  It enhances, adds, brings out, preserves.
I am an encourager.  I love to bring out the best in others, to help them identify their strengths, to help them keep going.

AND… too much salt can spoil a dish, sting a wound, makes things hard to swallow.

I have to keep myself in check. I have learned (am always learning) to share when it is welcomed, give my opinion when it’s asked for, invest in relationships more than attempting to solve others’ problems.  I want to be the good salt… not to “too much” salt.

AND… salt unused and left out can become un-salty.  Useless.

Those times I might be “too much” aren’t a time for me to stop adding seasoning but to learn to carefully spread my flavor where it is needed and ready to be used.

How you see your self is really, really important.  This exercise is not to be skipped if you want to come up with a clear Personal Mission Statement that you can own and use to build your BEST ThirdThird (or which ever Third you are in!)

Use this free worksheet to help you think about how you describe yourself.

As we work along, it is important to get an idea of what your mission statement will NOT be:
Not your job
No a to-do list
Not prescribed by someone other than yourself
Not your role
Not your destiny
Not the same as those around you

You are unique,
with history,
family of origin, etc.

Your MISSION STATEMENT will be your own.

photo credit: des mots insensés via photopin (license)

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