A few years ago, I turned 60.  It was okay (Thirty-five was much harder, for some reason).  I decided I wanted a party.  I told my husband where I wanted it and who I wanted to invite and he arranged everything. I just showed up and enjoyed having a reason to celebrate with people I enjoyed.

Later, in a more reflective moment, it dawned on me that my Mother was 91 when I turned 60.  Doing the math, it was a bit of a shock when I realized that, if I live as long as my Mother (she died at age 94), I had another 30 years to live.  30 + 30 = 60.  Another 30 and there I was… 90 years old.

That was another third of my life.  “Wow” was all I could think.  Another whole third.


We spend our First Third mostly learning.  Learning to walk and talk, learning to read and write.  Learning to ride a bike and cut up our own meat and to drive a car and to order pizza on our own.  We learn to navigate relationships and how to get over a broken heart. Hopefully, we learn to focus on the people and things that make the best use of our strengths and give us the best chance of building a life that will be satisfying.

Then, in our Second Third, we earn.  By age thirty, we typically settle into a career where we earn the money we need to provide for our needs.  We earn our income, our reputation, our adult friends and colleagues.  Obviously, we also spend, but the greatest occupation of our Second Third is to earn.

2015-08-28 13.02.28So, now in the Third Third… how best can we discern ways to use all that learning and earning to make for our very own Best Third Third?  We have responsibilities and habits and families and roots. But we also have strengths and experiences and history and dreams.

The Third Third can be the Best Third.
I have no doubt; I am living it and planning it and discovering it.

I have strengths and experiences and history that I can share to guide others into their own Best Third Third.  As I navigate and explore, I will share and encourage.  It is my dream to inspire thousands to discern how make the most of their first Two Thirds and to purposely design their own Best Third Third.