What are your passions

What are your passions?

The following are not questions I thought up… This series of questions has been asked many times by different people in different settings. They can take you through a good thought process to discover what you are passionate about.

If you were assured of these three things:

  1. Money is not an obstacle;
  2. Time is not an obstacle;
  3. There is no fear of failure;

Where would you invest your life?

Who would you serve?

What would you do?

It is not my most favorite set of questions…I tend to be pretty practical and money IS an obstacle for some of the things I would like to do. Time IS an obstacle and I often find myself NOT in control of mine. Fear of failure? I can handle that… but if I consider truly NOT fearing failure, what might I attempt beyond what I think I can do?

Take a few minutes (or days?) to consider this for your life.
Ask your friends how they would answer.
Consider how you would have answered when you were graduating from high school.
Write out some possible dreams you have if there were no _____ (insert limiting factor).

From this exercise, you can begin to narrow down: what do you deeply care about, what energizes you, what angers you?

(Often the things that anger you is a good clue to what you care about.)

My own journey with this step is that I want to write and speak to people about living their lives on purpose.  I want to help people invest their strengths, interests, skills, and learning so that they can be confident in their ThirdThird.  Confident that they are making a difference and living a life that is fulfilling and joyful.  Confident that they are not wasting away or that they don’t matter.


If I had money for indiscriminate spending, I would hire someone to help me write a book or two that I have outlined.  I would hire someone to be my agent for scheduling events. And I would hire a marketing firm to “get me out there.”

For now, I am carving out time to write for myself.

I have hired a coaching firm to help me
with my brand and my message.

I am talking with a person or two
about “selling” me for a commission.

I can do what I am passionate about… just on a smaller (less expensive) scale. And by diving in, I am finding that I can do more than I thought and reach more than I thought.

Do the work to consider
what you are passionate about.