Thinner Next Year – No, THIS Year!

Run Rabbit Run 50 miler.

You can be thinner next year–and have some fun doing it. Here I am at age 64 with son Willy at the end of my first ultra–the Run Rabbit Run 50 miler. Start now– an essential part of Your Best Third Third

Being a bit slimmer next year is a bit of a pipe dream (or a part of the denial process…it’s that NEXT word that does it) of many ThirdThird people. Chris Crowley (of Younger Next Year fame) has teamed up with Jen Sacheck, Ph.D to tell you in simple, no-nonsense, no fad diet terms how to loose some blubber THIS year. Starting right here, right now.

Their invaluable book is called simply Thinner This Year. And it is essential reading material for Your Best Third Third.

And remember that being set for your best third third is a process that relates to all ages. My wife and I cultivated practices in our twenties that paved the road for a vibrant last third of life. As a result both of us have avoided gaining that pound or two every year that leaves our nation in the grips of a healthcare crisis.

Here is what I have gleaned from this little “health bible” from Crowley and Sacheck:

1. Its about the food, not the exercise. Like they say, “Don’t eat crap and eat less of what you eat”. Simple.

Drink less alcohol.

The Okinawa Diet quotes the Japanese phrase “hara hachi bu” which our aspiring Japanese scholar son Willy tells me means literally “belly 8/10” or “belly 8 parts”. The idea is eat until you are 80% full.

And if you have not gotten the memo about the onslaught of empty food we are generally offered at the supermarket and restaurants, then wake up and smell the Wonderbread!

This eating less and well is not easy–but it is not rocket science.

But its fun, feels good, and is usually cheaper.

2. Look around and learn.

We are surrounded by a deadly epidemic of obesity.

Ask yourself if you want to loose your hips/knees, heart, brain, etc to a mass of fat tucked all around your legs, arms, and vital organs.

Get real and get motivated. Pick up Younger Next Year (or Younger Next Year for Women) and do every thing it says–starting today.

3. Exercise starting where you are.

So, ok. Exercise is an essential part of the plan. But most of us are not really serious about it because we have some excuse. Some lame excuse.

When I wrote this post I was in Steamboat Springs doing final training for a 50 mile run (Run Rabbit Run). My target is to improve my course time by 20 minutes and set a good record for a 66 year old.

You may think that is clear out of your realm–and perhaps it is. But I started some 25 years ago getting my stride and I work at it every day. Right here right now.

I am not a natural athlete. Far from it. But back early on in my second third, I returned to my heritage and love of running … and I have stuck with it. I hear a lot of excuses from my fellow Medicare friends. But whether it is running/walking, biking, fitness center, or whatever. You can get and stay active.

So start now. No excuse.Walk 5 minutes if that is what you can do. And next week make it ten—and keep going. Work out every day–ok six days a week–no excuses.

Here is the vision and promise: you will feel great, live longer and happier, and there is just one downside. You will unfortunately live longer and end up helping to fund (insurance, medicare, etc) the hip replacements, open heart surgeries and diabetes meds of your compadres who just THINK that thinning down and health is a good idea.

Sounds like a pretty good downside to me!

Run Rabbit Run 50 miler--and i am Younger Next Year!

The Run Rabbit Run 50 mile race passes through the lovely meadows and forests of the Rockies above Steamboat Springs. [Post race note: I DID finish the race (many didn’t) and felt great the next day—and I lan on running another big race soon!]

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