One of my Mantras is, “Be Intentional”.

Do what you say you will do… but think about it first.

Hmmm.   I can’t remember the moment I decided to live with intention, but most people who know me would probably use the word to describe me.  It might have come from watching people not be intentional.  It might have come from the hard lessons of the frustration that comes from letting others direct my efforts or decide my focus.  Whatever the source, “be intentional” has become an almost daily mantra for me.

I can’t just tell myself to be intentional, I have to have a strategy or a plan to guide my behaviors, thoughts, and actions so that I actually become intentional.


[a plan of action or policy designed to achieve a major or overall aim.]
Here is my intentional strategy: 

Be Intentional-

  • Know what I believe.  I don’t have to tell everyone every thought and/or opinion I have, but I should know what I believe and why if I want to be sure I am doing or not doing what is important to me.
  • Decide for myself how I spend my time.  There are television shows that I might enjoy or benefit from.  There are books and magazines worth reading.  There are people who will add to my life if I spend time with them.  If I choose for myself, I will be less likely to succumb to advertising and marketing ploys for things I really do not want to steal my time away.
  • Don’t say “yes” or “no” too quickly.  Take time to consider how I commit my time and energy.  There will be consequences to any decision and I am wise to be as much in control of my decisions and actions as possible.
  • Don’t blame others for my own choices and results.  Own my own efforts and decisions.  Apologize when necessary.  Reimburse when appropriate.  Accept credit and praise graciously.  Say thank you and “I am sorry.”
  • Live without regrets.  If I consciously, intentionally decide what to say, how to spend time, who to be with, what to do, then the chances of having regrets is slim.

We can’t become intentional on accident. What is your strategy?


Get it Done Today

A friend once told me that she learned from me that she could get more done in less time than she thought. I didn’t realize that I had that perspective, but I guess I do.  She said that I often would dive in and do things that she would have put off until she had open ended time.

Last week, I had at the top of my mind that I was going to figure out how to borrow books from my library on my kindle (that I can read on my phone! How cool is that? I might not be the quickest to sign on to new opportunities, but I eventually get around to it). My motivation was to save the money of purchasing them, especially for the expensive ones.  I am a read-a-b0ok-once type of reader, so paying $16 for an eBook makes me hesitate (actually, makes me never do it).

I had tried to get it done online, but realized my library card had expired and it required my presence at the library to reinstate me.


Get it done

I had 30 minutes before an appointment, I was 10 blocks away. I got it done. Library membership renewed…with time to spare, actually.  It took a visit to my son-in-law to figure out the rest of the downloads and sign-ons, but I am now happily reading borrowed books on my tablet AND my phone!

I didn’t need an hour to complete this. I didn’t need to postpone until I have discretionary lengths of time. 30 minutes was plenty.

“Think like a man of action, act like a man of thought.” —Henri Bergson

Since it was brought to my attention, I try to take advantage of minutes to get important things done.

  • Chopping veggies for later’s meal gets dinner going earlier and uses a few minutes before taking off.
  • Running into Walgreen’s for exactly what I need on the way to an appointment keeps me from wasting time (and money) by perusing the aisles.
  • Looking around my desk for something I can do in 15 minutes before I leave for the day saves time tomorrow (and, maybe makes me look good by responding quickly).


What do you need to get done today?