Design Your Best ThirdThird

Personal Coaching for Creating a Plan

You are uniquely wired to be who you are and you will be most fulfilled if you are aware of your wiring and choosing to live daily in that awareness.

Maybe you enjoy dinner out with friends more than you would enjoy creating a new spreadsheet for tracking personal finances.

Or… maybe, honestly, you love a good competitive game of golf more than babysitting your grandkids.

Or… maybe you really do like volunteering at the hospital and your friends can’t fathom why.

Differences likes these make all the difference in how fulfilled
we are in the way we are planning and living our ThirdThird.
It can give great freedom as we plan and design how to live on purpose.

Understanding your wiring tells us a lot about …10487496_10152273608533379_4212644783846057992_n

why you enjoy people more than tasks (or vice versa),

why some situations fatigue you and others get you going,

why you have different ways of viewing life from even your closest companions.

That understanding can give…

confidence in making decisions about your time and energy,

effectiveness when you do the things you are good at,

satisfaction that you are investing your life well.

Coaching levels:

Are you ready to design your Best third?

Debbie’s coaching and resources will help you fully understand yourself and the things that make you uniquely you. With that awareness you will have the freedom and the tools to live your life on purpose.
Whether in your first, second, or third third, make the choice to make it your BEST third.