Potential and Possibilities

potential and possibilities

The last thirty years (or so) of our lives has so much potential and so many possibilities! I talk about our ThirdThird to anyone I connect with for longer than to exchange money for groceries or passing in a parking lot.  Watching our son compete at Special Olympics event, chatting with the waitress, running into an old friend at the grocery store, meeting someone new at church.

Any age….you don’t have to be IN your ThirdThird to think about and plan for your ThirdThird.

I have a new office space in a shared area. Most of the other people renting there are young and creative.  Web designers, furniture designers, artists…budding entrepreneurs, all of them.  I’ve had interesting conversations with them about the ThirdThird.  Even though all of them are either in their FirstThird (gap year) or just entering their SecondThird.

One said, “I know that I will still be designing.” Another turned to their business partner and wife and asked, “What do you think we’ll be doing in our ThirdThird?” Others ask questions and are thoughtful.

On the other hand, I talked with a 70-something, still working, man yesterday who has no plan for what he will do in his ThirdThird, other than begin to work less.  Maybe he will make a video of his belongings so his sons will know what they are and why they were special to their folks when he is gone. Maybe he will start exercising more often when he is no longer working, but he just doesn’t have time now (doesn’t like to exercise in the evening, doesn’t want to get up earlier).  His father lived into his 90’s, so he expects to himself.  But he doesn’t know what he will do…..so he keeps working at a job that he only slightly seems to enjoy. He should be in better shape, he told me. He should be planning for his next steps, he told me.

My motivation for talking about our ThirdThird, and for building programs for helping people design their ThirdThird, is because of people like the 70-something I spoke with yesterday. He is setting himself up for disappointment.

Fear is a great motivator.

I am motivated by the fear of wasting 30 years. I am motivated by the fear of looking back and feeling like I didn’t live on purpose.  I don’t want to miss the opportunity to share the lessons learned and the mistakes made to make a positive impact.

Aging can be purposeful and fun!

Learn more about Life on Purpose in your ThirdThird by clicking the photo above. Debbie has lots of online resources on this site and she also does life seminars and training.

We’re putting together several resources for people to use to plan their BEST ThirdThird. The first one is entirely FREE!  It is a simple, on-line questionnaire to show you your “ThirdThird Tendencies.”


It’s a place to start. And it’s free.

Try it!  And let me know how you scored and what you think of your results.





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