Your Personal Mission Statement

personal mission statement

… and they pass by themselves without wondering.

What is your mission?  You have one, you know. Discovering it is key to living your life with purpose… and key in designing your BEST ThirdThird.

Over the next 6 weeks here on the blog at, we are going to be working through how to discover your personal mission statement.

Why write a Personal Mission Statement?

Defining your personal life’s mission helps make decisions of time, money, friends, profession.
  • If you have determined what is most important to you and distilled it down into a Mission Statement that you know and remember, it will give you solid priorities for making decisions.
  • Knowing your Mission gives purpose to every day. Even if you aren’t actively “on a mission,” you do have a reason and purpose and direction for how you invest your minutes, hours, days.
  • Having a stated Personal Mission Statement gives you the opportunity for satisfaction. When you have drilled down and defined what is important to you, then you can know when you have done it.
  • A Personal Mission Statement focuses energy. And, as we age, even if we are doing all we can to stay fit and active, we face the challenge of focusing the energy we have to maximize it every time!

Your Personal Mission Statement will be…

  • Short
  • Easily understood
  • Easily memorized
  • A combination of what you’re good at and what you stand for.

To get there, work through the worksheets that will be provided each week and they will lead you to a final effort of distilling it all down into a few words that will make sense to you and give you purpose.

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You should know these past iconic examples of people who had an obvious mission to accomplish (especially if you are past age 45). See if you can match the person with their mission:


What is your mission? Let’s discover together.

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