Mix it Up / S & I

We all are a mix of the four styles.  No style is bad.  No mix is bad.

Each of us the potential to be GREAT.

The more we understand ourselves and the inherent preferences we have for behavior, the more successful we will be, the less stressed we will be AND, as we learn to manage our strengths (so as not to use them in excess), there is a confidence and strength that comes along.

An “I” and “S” mix is not an unusual pattern in individuals.    The S is People-oriented and slow-paced while the I is people-oriented and fast-paced. I’s and S’s get along well in social situation because they both enjoy and are energized by relationships. It is a good mix in the workplace, too, since the S tends to quietly do what makes the whole team look good.

This is, obviously, a fun mix.  Both S’s and I’s like people.  Maybe the S enjoys depth and content and understanding more than the I, who likes fun and connections and conversations.  But they are both energized by relationships and are caring, helpful people.

A “I/S” person is a great friend and, depending on their position, a great employee…as long as they can interact with clients and peers, has interaction with others as part of their job, and, most definitely, as long as they can avoid conflict.    They will get along with most, working to be sure everyone is included and happy. A workplace with no I’s or S’s will suffer from their absence. Just don’t expect them to solve the problems or address the problem people.  

The combination of S and I in an individual has some variability, depending on which is the more influencing of the two styles.  A higher S with lower I, might bring empathy, kindness, tolerance, and support for all to the environment.  While a higher I  with lower S might be more outgoing, interested in appearances, broader in their network, and is the energizer of the group.

An S will care about the outcome….will support and harmonize.  The I will be aware of the “feel” and will care about the ambiance and enjoyment of all while on the way to the outcome.

There is power and freedom in knowing yourself well.

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