Mix it Up: I&C

We all are a mix of the four styles.  No style is bad.  No mix is bad.

Each of us the potential to be GREAT.

The more we understand ourselves and the inherent preferences we have for behavior, the more successful we will be, the less stressed we will be AND, as we learn to manage our strengths (so as not to use them in excess), there is a confidence and strength that comes.


An I and C mix is a complicated pattern, but with wonderfully creative potential.  The conflict occurs when the Fast-Paced I collides with the Slow-Paced C.  AND when the Task-Oriented C conflicts with the People-Oriented I.

Imagine putting your high I friend who loves a party and is always shopping (and might be LOUD) together with your highly sensitive, detail-oriented, computer programmer friend and asking them to plan an alumni reunion!

Well, the person who lives with IC inside of them has that same challenging conversation and potential discord in themselves, daily, moment-by-moment.  They are usually very trendy in their dress and might be a little “out there” in a creative sense.  They know details and when they choose their area of expertise, they do it with “flair.”

A coaching client of mine was a successful, professional, middle-aged man. When we came to discussing the results of his Personal Profile System, I described the inner conflict of his I and C.  He wept.  Truly.  Cried and said, “You just described my daily inner battle and now I know I am not crazy.”

There is power and freedom in knowing yourself well.

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