Mix it up: D & I

Mix it up is to remind us that, “We all are a mix of the four styles.  No style is bad.  No mix is bad.”

Whatever our mix is, or whatever the mixes we are living with or near, understanding, curiosity, and a desire to get along is required to be effective.  The task-oriented C and D need to learn to value the people-oriented S and I.  The slower-paced S’s and C’s need to recognize that the fast paced D’s and I’s can’t be expected to wait forever.  It is a dance that is ever going and worth the effort.


There are some mixes, though, that require extra patience and conversation and self-awareness to be effective.  The strong mix of D & I in an individual is powerful…for good or for bad, depending on their motivations.

A person with an equal mix of “high” D and “high” I has clear goals and plans for themselves and others…..but they don’t always verbalize those goals.  They can tell you where they want you to end up, but only after they have won your loyalty (you S’s, especially).   They can be charming or directive or intimidating, depending on their audience and the importance of the goal.  And when all else fails, they just might consider offering rewards if that is what is required for them to accomplish their end goal.

The D/I is very good at getting people to do what they want… hence my warning to those I coach with this pattern… they need to monitor their motives.  There are historical examples of this behavior style mix that used it for others’ demise.  And others who used it for great good.  Manipulation and motivation are sometimes hard to tell apart….where a person’s heart is tells the difference.

This pattern can tend to be very egocentric without others who can help them see their potential… for their own success or failure. The D/I really does prefer to win through persuasion and cooperation.  Coercion and bribing are only used when necessary. 🙂

This high D/I mix is not the most common.  That, I believe, is evidence of a benevolent Creator.  We need a few of them……but not too many!

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