It is a little bit of a buzz word.

Like when “paradigm” was newly in vogue.  I remember asking someone to define paradigm to me in the 90’s.  They didn’t, but I eventually got the gist and have even used it (appropriately and sparingly) myself. “Paradigm” was listed as one of 89 “business cliches that will get any MBA promoted and make them totally useless” in a 2012 Forbes article.

Mindset is oft sited by motivational speakers and coaches and mentors and disciplers of all sorts.  It is a good word and a good concept and can be an important part of personal awareness and personal growth.  Mindset deserves serious consideration and not trite mention.  Changing one’s mindset is a huge part of growth and change.

I recently realized I had a serious mindset problem when I became aware that I had let little nuggets of resentment enter my thoughts (so small they were almost unnoticeable).  When revealed, after consideration, I acknowledged that I had much more reason to be grateful than resentful.  It was actually an embarrassingly easy transition.  A “simple” mindset change.

Also, recently, my husband and I had a conversation that resulted in a mindset change for him.  It was a pretty quick transition for him, too.  One moment, he was thinking one way, a few minutes later, he had replaced those thoughts with others and the results are making him more effective, happier, and more relaxed.  He thanked me again last night for helping him make that “little” mindset change.

Sometimes, mindset requires a more lengthy and deeper time of transition.  Considering from all sides, researching, reading, exposing oneself to new ideas, asking for others’ input or insights.  Major paradigm shifts don’t always happen overnight.

This is another benefit of being in the third-third, I think.  Dave and I know our basic world view and our value system and our most dearly held beliefs.  We are open to new ideas and thoughts and relationships, but we are mature and seasoned, as it were.  Our experiences have made us open and willing to have our minds changed, but within the context of knowing where we are headed and why.

Your mindset is so key.

Take the time to consider what you are thinking and why.
It could become a source of joy, energy, and focus.

Photo Credit: by Stewart Dowdall