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I remember my  sister telling me that a woman selling cosmetics told her that, “At your age, honey, don’t leave home without lipstick and shoulder pads.”

At the time, it was good advice to follow.  I thought of that the other day when I was cutting shoulder pads out of an otherwise suitable dress.

Now, in my ThirdThird, and thankfully past the shoulder pad phase, I think there is a different list of what I shouldn’t leave home without.

Here is my short list of musts:

Lip gloss…mainly for comfort.  Dry and chapped lips are not pleasant or attractive.

Sleeves…in the summer, tanks are so comfortable, but as I notice other ThirdThird types having loose skin under the arm, it makes me think mine is noticeable, too.  So, sleeves are becoming more of an issue for me in some settings. I don’t want someone to be distracted by my flappy arms when I am waving them around making an important point in a conversation or presentation!

Mascara…This has always been my answer to the what-if-I-can-only-have-one-cosmetic-item question.

Hydrated skin…lotion, lotion, lotion applied and water, water, water ingested.

Smile…this is the best and easiest. Simple to put on and attractive at any time.


What is on your list of musts that make you look good and feel good?

look good feel good

photo credit: Start Actin’ Like a Lady via photopin (license)

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