Believing you can change involves finding and replacing your limiting beliefs.

We all have a loop of limiting beliefs that run through our minds, daily.

“I can’t change.”

“I have always been and will always be ____” (you fill in the blank…dumb? Slow? Fat? Unathletic? Bad test taker?)

“Others have more opportunity or resources than I have, therefore, I am limited.”

“There is no reason to dream.”

“Nothing good/fun/unexpected/wonderous ever happens to me.”

…and so and so forth.

The truth about those limiting beliefs is that they are not truths….but they are limiting. Remarkably limiting.

Identify one limiting belief and replace it.

“Change is possible and will be fun!”

“I am enjoying learning a new skill/talent/language/workout!”

“I am using what I have to the best possible outcome.”

“I am creative and see possibilities.”

“Life is an adventure that is more fun every day!”

Change the way you think about things and see what happens.