Less Complex

sim·pli·fy   [to make less complex or complicated; make it easier]

Less Complex

The direction of your focus is the direction your life will move. Let yourself move toward what is good, valuable, strong and true.   – Ralph Marston


One great way we simplified is that we moved.

First, from 37 acres and 5 buildings to .37 acres and 2200sf.

Then, to a 2-bedroom condo.

Then, to a little bungalow with a basement and small yard.

With each move, we shed a little more of our “stuff.” Garage sales, donations, online sales.

I did learn that if I was not at the garage sale, I should be ready to find that a precious treasure of mine just might not be viewed the same way by my husband and I may never see it again. (Telling, though, that I cannot remember one specific item that disappeared that way.)

With one move, we had hauled some family furniture to another state.  Oak dining table, cherry secretary, more recently purchased leather sofa and love seat.

Facing another move,  I polled our children to find not one of them were interested in these heirlooms.  They all had their own homes, their own styles and were not as attached to our shared pieces as I expected.  When faced with moving them again purely for my own pleasure, I offered them to an employee who had just purchased a home.  It was with great simplicity that we rented a UHaul truck and packed it ourselves to move along to our next home.

And, they would not have fit in our next home, anyway.

What is one way you can simplify to make your life less complex?

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