Know Yourself

There is more to DiSC or any personality or behavior style assessment than just knowing your dominant style.  The mixture of styles is an important layer and there are tools to know yourself deeply and to have greater understanding.

For instance, my “D” is high so, I know that I can be opinionated, energetic, decisive….maybe even, at times, domineering, forceful, and direct.  (Though years of being married and having kids and training others on relationships has helped me learn to manage those strengths so that they don’t often get out of hand any more.)

But, my mid-line “i” and “S” has significant influence on my behavior.  The “i” factors in to help me genuinely enjoy people, find conversation easy, and care how I appear to people.  The “S” factors in to make me like things in order, appreciate a system, and to avoid too much conflict in relationships.

And, my very low “C” means that I know when details are important, I need to get help.  Or have a program for it.  Or just simply make myself concentrate…..then plan for re-energizing.

One practical application for me has been to know that there are times when I just have to express my opinion or join in the argument.  I just can’t keep from saying what I know to be true…..BUT, afterwards, I have some angst about how my opinions or expression was received.  Or, I may be concerned about how they made someone else feel.

I used to waste a lot of time fretting and worrying about past conversations.  Now, I have learned the conflict within myself and I try to weigh the outcomes before I say what I am thinking.  I try to hold those more forceful strengths for times when the topic or the project or the situation warrants it.  Then, if I have said what I believe to be true and helpful to others around me, I don’t take all of the responsibility for their reactions on myself.

Not only have I learned to use my strengths in positive ways, I sleep better at night!

Each part of the DiSC graph is significant and offers
deeper self-awareness that can lead to much greater
success in work and play.  In very practical ways.

How well do you know yourself? What is a first step you can take to begin your journey of self-awareness and understanding?

We don’t accidentally become the people we want to be, intentional actions in our second-third lay the foundation so that who we really are flows out of us in our third-third.



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