Get it Done Today

A friend once told me that she learned from me that she could get more done in less time than she thought. I didn’t realize that I had that perspective, but I guess I do.  She said that I often would dive in and do things that she would have put off until she had open ended time.

Last week, I had at the top of my mind that I was going to figure out how to borrow books from my library on my kindle (that I can read on my phone! How cool is that? I might not be the quickest to sign on to new opportunities, but I eventually get around to it). My motivation was to save the money of purchasing them, especially for the expensive ones.  I am a read-a-b0ok-once type of reader, so paying $16 for an eBook makes me hesitate (actually, makes me never do it).

I had tried to get it done online, but realized my library card had expired and it required my presence at the library to reinstate me.


Get it done

I had 30 minutes before an appointment, I was 10 blocks away. I got it done. Library membership renewed…with time to spare, actually.  It took a visit to my son-in-law to figure out the rest of the downloads and sign-ons, but I am now happily reading borrowed books on my tablet AND my phone!

I didn’t need an hour to complete this. I didn’t need to postpone until I have discretionary lengths of time. 30 minutes was plenty.

“Think like a man of action, act like a man of thought.” —Henri Bergson

Since it was brought to my attention, I try to take advantage of minutes to get important things done.

  • Chopping veggies for later’s meal gets dinner going earlier and uses a few minutes before taking off.
  • Running into Walgreen’s for exactly what I need on the way to an appointment keeps me from wasting time (and money) by perusing the aisles.
  • Looking around my desk for something I can do in 15 minutes before I leave for the day saves time tomorrow (and, maybe makes me look good by responding quickly).


What do you need to get done today?

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