Five Good Reasons For You


DiSC solves five good reasons

Need a reason to take the DiSC Personal Profile System?

I’ve got five good reasons for you…


1.) You can know your unique wiring.

You are wired uniquely and understanding your wiring (with DiSC) is a major key to success in relationships, whether personal or professional.

There was a time I tried to be quiet and un-opinionated.  I was around people who told me, often, that I was “too” quick to speak, “too” bossy, “too” independent.

I had a husband who loved me and tolerated my sassiness, but even he thought maybe I should try to calm myself to have less conflict (a reflection of his wiring!).  I had potential but not knowing what my strengths were, I was insecure and way too concerned about what others thought of me.

It didn’t last long, me trying to be quiet. Though I tried, even my version of quiet was not the same as others’ expectations. The result was that I was unhappy trying to satisfy others’ expectations of me and they weren’t satisfied, anyway.

It was about that time that I found the DiSC Personal Profile System (PPS) and my life was changed forever. I was not a “mistake” and there would be a place for me.  I just had to find it.

Debbie Hensleigh and DiSC

2.) You can be comfortable in your own skin. 

Understanding yourself can make you comfortable in your own skin, which makes you less likely to compare yourself to others.

For me, realizing that my behavior style was on the chart (so to speak) was a great comfort. I was beginning to think, limiting myself to a small group of peers who had specific expectations, that I was “wrong.” I tried to change myself to be like others around me, thinking that they were “right.”

Comparing either will lead to hubris (I’m better than…) or depression (I’m worse than….) Comparing rarely leads to positive relationships with yourself or others.

Comparison is the thief of joy… -Theodore Roosevelt

The DiSC (PPS) gave me the freedom to recognize that I am going to be happier and more effective in an environment where my fast-paced, task-oriented style is welcomed.

3.) You can acknowledge and celebrate your strengths.

Knowing your wiring allows you to recognize areas of strength that you can celebrate.

The interesting thing about strengths is that it is usually strengths in excess that get us into trouble.

In my example, my willingness to share my opinion, my quick decision making, my desire for action (often, including change) was threatening and overpowering to my peers.  My strengths were the very aspects of ME that were squelched.

As I began to see my “flaws” as strengths, I gradually began to see that I could bring these traits to an organization or a group of friends to everyone’s benefit. Instead of hiding them, I needed to name them, be grateful for them, and learn to manage them well.

4.) You can find new energy for your dreams.

Your strengths celebrated can help you realize new and powerful potential for meeting the dreams and goals you have.

As I learned to be thankful for my bold approach to life, I found ways to benefit others.

  • I started a not-for-profit and learned new skills as a facilitator and team-builder.
  • I built a business from nothing to something fairly significant by getting people to try our product.
  • I helped several organizations make changes that were necessary for growth.
  • I encouraged many, many individuals to make lasting change for their success…often by helping them discover their DiSC wiring.

I continue all of this to this day (and beyond).  It’s what I’m good at.

Learning to use my wiring and finding a way to benefit others is part of my mix.

5.) You can find power and purpose.

Embracing your wiring is the key to learning to live your life on purpose.

When I was trying to be someone other than who I am wired to be, the results were frustrating. And not just for me. My kids felt it, my husband knew it, and even those I was frustrating before were still frustrated with me.

When I learned that I had strengths that could be celebrated and used well, it was the beginning of finding my purpose.

A huge part of my purpose is to help others find theirs!  It is reflected in my personal life mission statement:

My mission is to live a life of Grace and Truth with stories
to tell that will inspire others to live a life on purpose.

Those are five reasons to take the DiSC Personal Profile System. I could give you more! It truly  has the potential to change your life.

Understanding my unique wiring has changed my life for the much, much better.


We have several options for learning more about DiSC and YOU.

♦ In person with Debbie Hensleigh ♦

December 10, 9:00 – 11:00 a.m.

Pizza M/Flying Machine Coffee
206 W Main, Urbana, IL 61801

Small group atmosphere // $40, includes self-scoring PPS
with instruction and discovery


♦ Understanding Your Wiring ♦

Special $97 offer for online course…



Contact Debbie if you have any questions about our upcoming event or if you’d like to begin understanding your unique wiring.


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