Find Your Place

Finding the place….the spot to be creative is so key to production. 
It’s sort of like knowing what to do when you get to the gym.


My favorite writing place is a coffee shop that is usually abuzz with conversations.  It is across from my office, so easily gotten to.  They have “Old Hippie” tea that is an afternoon (too late for coffee) treat. (Although I feel a bit trite in ordering it….an old hippie of sorts, myself.)  An occasional “guacamole salad” or “pear and brie pizza” makes for a tasty splurge.  Some days, a glass of water and the place to park suffices.

Today, a young woman is having a lively interaction with someone via computer in a language I can’t identify. A young man is poring over technical looking documents on his laptop. A family (judging by the variety of ages) is enjoying cocoa and chai and lattes. Others of us are focused on our laptops and tablets, with and without headphones.

I like the chatter.  I like the mix. In close quarters, I asked the young videographer what he was creating.  Turns out, he is “almost 27” and he has never thought of his ThirdThird.  Of course.  He is trying to figure out how to move from his FirstThird/Learning phase to his SecondThird/Earning phase (literally….he hopes someone will purchase his video idea).  I think he enjoyed and appreciated my interest in his efforts.  I hope he occasionally thinks about being purposeful with his life.

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