DiSC Insights: Wonderful “S”s

The DiSC test (actually its not really a test) can help you succeed in many ways

We are each a mix of the four styles.  D – i – S – C

Steady and/or Stable describes the “S” behavior style. Here are some thoughts/insights about the “S” style:

♦ S’s make the best friends!  They are always there when needed.  They will listen for hours on end.  They will pick of the pieces and find the positive and never rock the boat.  They make others feel good.  They will finish what others start and be okay with not receiving the credit due them.
♦ Often, the more out-going styles assume that an S doesn’t have an opinion or doesn’t think deeply.  Actually, S’s are thinking while others are talking.  They just won’t offer their insights unless they are confident that they will be accurate in their information and, even more important to an S, that their opinion won’t cause conflict (which may look to others like simple disagreement).
♦ More than anything, S’s don’t like conflict.  They hold things inside and often will not say what they think to avoid disagreement, fighting, differences, arguments.  It has been suggested that they are the largest consumers of Tums… buying them in the bulk-sized containers, since they hold their stress inside.

To be a friend of an S and to get the wonderful benefits of loyalty, insight, and true friendship, take the time to build a relationship with them.  Listen to them.  Ask their opinion and value it.  Prove to them that you will be a loyal friend and you will be glad for it.  You will help them, too, as they trust you to share their thoughts and relieve some of that stress.

Each of the styles is good. We need each other!



photo credit: chelsea.parker.photo via photopin cc

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