DiSC Insights: Fun “I’s”

Take the DiSC and you will have some fun–especially if there are some I types in the room!

We are each a mix of the four styles. D – i – S – C

Interacting/Influencing describes the “I” behavior style. Here are some thoughts/insights about the “I” style:

♦ I’s are fun!  They bring the energy and the people and the music and the streamers and the disco ball, if they have one.  They are not afraid of contacting people and are natural net-workers.  They have an eye for ambiance, as well…making sure the environment is conducive to mingling and conversation.
♦ I’s process information verbally.  In other words, if it seems they speak before they think, it is most likely because they are thinking AS they are speaking.  And, they tend to use  a lot of words.  They have creative ideas, know a lot of people, and are great at helping any event be a success.
♦ I’s don’t enjoy getting bogged down with details.  Budget?  Time table?  Limitations? Rules?  Who needs them?  Relax, let go, have fun, enjoy.  That is the attitude and perspective the “I”  would like to bring to the group.

To be a friend of an I,  be ready to go somewhere.  Be ready to meet some people.  Enjoy the energy and optimism and enthusiasm.  Get outside of your comfort zone and try something new.  You will be amazed at the opportunities an “I” can bring to you.

Each of the styles is good. We need each other!

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