DiSC Insights: Focused D’s

The DiSC will help you in all of the interactions you have day by day.

We are each a mix of the four styles.  D – i – S – C.

Direct or Dominant describes the “D” behavior style. Here are some thoughts/insights about the “D” style:

♦ D’s like to be in charge.  They know where to head and how to get started.  They don’t mind taking risks and don’t really mind if their risks don’t pan out the way they had thought.  There is always another task to tackle.  Action, movement, progress is the goal of the D.
♦ D’s are important to any group.  Just ask them!  It is entirely possible that nothing would ever get started without the energy and a”little” push from a D.  They are comfortable figuring it out as they go along and can usually find a way to make things work.
♦ D’s care how they are thought of.  Their character matters to them.  You can criticize their work, tell them they didn’t finish, or that they are out of money for the project, but do not say they are dishonest or that they are lazy or that people don’t trust them.

To be a friend of a D, be ready to do something.  Be ready to take instructions and to get your hands dirty.  Meet them eye-to-eye.  Communicate with them in bullet points.  Be strong.  D’s don’t mind a little push back and they don’t have to win.  Beware, though.  They may enjoy a “fight”  and the mental gymnastics of arguing, simply for the sake of arguing.

Each of the styles is good. We need each other!

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