DiSC Insight: Your Clever Mixture

 DiSC Clever Mix

DiSC is a valuable tool for learning to love those around us.

We are each a clever mix.

You are not a “D” or an “i” or an “S” or a “C.”  We are each a mix of all four in some combination and with varying intensity.

» Your “D” may be high, so that you can (and like to) make decisions and set the pace.  It may be at mid-level, so that you can be in charge, but you don’t have to be in charge.  Or, it may be lower, so that you don’t even want to be in charge and are able to weigh pros and cons.

» Your “i” may be high, so that you love the spotlight and love making connections.  It may be mid-level which makes you friendly and amiable, able to network with ease.  Or, it may be lower, which means that after being with a lot of people, even if you are successful with relationships and connections, you are emotionally drained and need “alone time” to recover.

» Your “S” may be high, so that you prefer a peaceful environment and do NOT like conflict.  If your “S” is more mid-level, you like order (like color coordinated closets) and conflict makes you uncomfortable.  A lower “S” might mean that you enjoy a good fight!  No matter who wins.

» Your “C” may be high, so that you need and pursue correctness and accuracy.  A mid-level “C” can accept “prefect enough,” but only after enough information and time to warrant it.  And a lower “C” might be a tad bit rebellious and stubborn.



You are a wonderful mixture.

Understanding yourself is an important step towards healthy relationships and a life on purpose. Which third of your life do you find yourself in right now? It’s never too early or too late to begin understanding your unique wiring!


“He who knows others is wise; he who knows himself is enlightened.”
― Lao Tzu





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