DiSC Insights: Consistent C’s

The DiSC personality assessment is useful in a myriad of ways

We are each a mix of the four styles.  D – i – S – C

Conscientious and Careful describes the “C” behavior style. Here are some thoughts/insights about the “C” style:

♦ C’s do the best work!  They make sure that the details are covered.  They will do the research, make the spread sheets, create the time table, and know the rules and guidelines.  It will be done correctly (if not perfectly) if the C has the time to ensure it.
♦ C’s are more motivated and energized by a task than they are by relationships, so it can be a challenge to engage a C, personally.  They are a wealth of knowledge and information, though and usually well worth the effort.  They willingly share what they know if their audience is sincerely interested and will take the time to hear it.
♦ Similar to the S, a C will move away from conflict.  BUT, while the S simply wants to avoid it, the C is more inclined to refuse to lose an argument.  When a C draws away from an argument or discussion, .it is temporary.  They will return.  It may take an hour, maybe a day, possibly much longer, but be assured…they will return with information to show that they were right, all along!

To be a friend of an C, be interested in their work.  Do a little research yourself to be able to have genuine interest.  If you disagree with them, state it in a way that their work is not criticized and value the high standard they bring that makes us all a little better, a little more honest, a little more accurate.

Each of the styles is good. We need each other!

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