Conscious Decisions

You can’t accidentally Focus & Simplify… it requires conscious decisions.


The direction of your focus is the direction your life will move.
Let yourself move toward what is good, valuable, strong and true.

Ralph Marston



I am fully aware that I have the sincere privilege of having a life partner/husband who loves me and supports me and celebrates me. We have journeyed along together for 43+ years. We have managed to arrive at a comfortable compatibility.

These simplify and focus choices we make are not as a couple… we are responsible for them individually.  It is nice to have a partner who is in agreement, but these choices will continue beyond our togetherness. They are conscious decisions… daily.

conscious decisions
Here are 5 Ways we Simplify:
  1. We eat to live and do not live to eat.
    (Simplifies our eating, cooking, dining, health efforts)
  2. We buy only what we need.
    (Simplifies closet space, size of home, time spent shopping)
  3. We check with the other before we schedule something.
    (Simplifies a lot!)
  4. We bought a car that should last a long time with little maintenance.
    (We tried leasing, but I go too many miles in my real estate job)
  5. We have agreed to “need less” so we can “give more.”
    (That over-arching way of thinking simplifies consuming and generosity)
Here are 5 Ways we Focus:
  1. We take stock, daily.
    (I journal. Dave walks.)
  2. We each have focusing affirmations we keep in front of us.
    (I’ve had an affirmation partner for 10 years. Dave says his to himself.)
  3. We have committed to staying fit and active into our 80’s.
    (That takes daily effort)
  4. We make choices to prevent disease.
    (Carefully selecting health care providers and keeping up on current information)
  5. We talk through tempting time consumers.
    (How to best make a difference? Getting others’ perspectives is crucial)


Start right now by identifying 1 way that you can  S I M P L I F Y  and 1 way that you can  F O C U S.

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