Change is Possible

At we are declaring February
the Month of Change!


D E C I D E 

The first step in designing your BEST Third Third is deciding to be open to change. Being open to change may mean making a change to a behavior/situation or changing a mindset.

What are subtle thoughts you have that keep you from being open to change and limit you in finding your BEST future?

  • “What I am doing now is the only thing I can do.”
  •  “Where I am living is where I will die.”
  •  “My friends are set.”
  • “I have learned all that my brain can hold.”
  • “My success (interests/options/possibilities) is limited to what is a reality now.”

Change is possible in your ThirdThird and change
is a good thing to think about if you are preparing for your ThirdThird.


Recognize and acknowledge that you have options. You are not stuck… even if your conditions are limiting. You can change something even if you can’t change everything.

Change IS possible.


What might be possible for you to change for the better as you move further into your ThirdThird?


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