Book Club Questions – Part 2

I just spent a delightful evening around a table with a group of women who had read my book for their book club. They invited me to come and talk with them on an “author visit.” I had prepared some questions for the group and, as always, women are great at discussions.  And, being open. And at laughing and, a little bit at this particular Book Club, crying.

Being invited to a Book Club was not something I had anticipated.  But, it was the second book club I have visited. As a result, I started thinking that some discussion questions for Which Old Woman Will You Be? might be well received.

Last newsletter, we posted 5 questions.  Here are a few more…..

  • What is the best part of being a reader?

You are obviously a reader if you are in a book club, right? Except for a few unnamed people I know who mainly listen to their assigned books on audio, book club members are readers. How have you grown from reading? What are you favorite books that we have read (as a book club).

  • How do you draw others out and into a discussion?

I talk in the Which Old Woman Will You Be? about not being boring. And suggest that being interested in others is a good way to stay interesting.  Can you think of a person you met who was fascinating?

My husband and I just spen an evening (too late for us, actually) at a local bar listening to a really talented 70 year old with his band. Dave met Bill Kirchen on a plane and had a very pleasant and personal conversation with him. Who knew that he would show up in Urbana, IL?  It was fun and not boring!

What are your favorite questions to ask people to get them to open up?

  • What would you say your purpose is at this point of your life?

A big way to know your purpose is to refuse to let your circumstances define your life. What ways have you overcome some challenging circumstance? How has that helped your perspective?

We are working on an online course that will focus on Designing Your BEST ThirdThird.  Having a life mission statement will be the outcome of that course.

Even if you knew your purpose in life earlier, retirement will require some tweaking of that!

  • Have you ever been stuck?  

How did you manage to get unstuck?  It can feel like you are stuck when you are caring for someone who is ill. Or, if you are in a job that has become tedious. Or, if an unexpected or sad life situation happens (divorce, death, someone moving away) and for a while you find it hard to make yourself keep moving. What works for you?

What are you curious about that can give you some energy and get you interested in something new?

  • What action have you taken (or will you take) to assure that you will be the Old Woman (or man) that you desire to be?

Celebrate each other!

Did you go to a movie you wanted to see by yourself? Yea for you!!!  Are you opting out of a large holiday celebration to simplify and focus on what is truly important to you?  Yea for you!!! Did you sign up for a class or buy the tickets or burn the letters or make the reservation or have the conversation? Yea!!!!

Whatever you are doing to take steps to choose what will ooze out of you when you are “really old,” share it, celebrate it, encourage it in each other.

Thank you for enjoying my thoughts in Which Old Woman Will You Be?