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Seven Ways to Make Food Prep Exciting

Eating at home can be better and more fun than dining out every day.  Here are seven ways to make home food preparation interesting. For many years, it was my responsibility to feed our family of seven three healthy meals a day.  I decided to approach meal preparation as a hobby to keep myself engaged. […]

Less Stress and More Joy

I’m in my ThirdThird now (ages 60-90) and I find there are things I used to care a lot more about than I do now.  Priorities, experience, wisdom, adapting… whatever the reason, I am much more flexible in my thinking. The result? Less stress and more joy. A greater appreciation for each day, each opportunity, […]

It’s Here!

I’ve been telling you about my new book and now it is ready!  I’m excited to share with you that my ebook is available for purchase on Amazon for just $2.99!     I’ve been gathering content for a long time by keeping journals to record life lessons and significant moments. This book, “Which Old Woman […]

Six Ways to Prepare for a Great Life After 60

  If someone asked, here are my top 6 ways to prepare for a great life after 60…. Now that have celebrated my 65th birthday and have my Medicare card, I am enjoying being a gray-haired, older woman who has learned a lot and has arrived at a pretty good place.   I’ve made a […]

Staying Fit When You Hate to Exercise

  Do you want to stay fit, but hate to exercise?  Me, too! The effects of living on this earth for more than half a century has begun to take its toll. But I refuse to believe that accepting “aging” and becoming less active is my only option. However……no matter how hard I have tried […]

Describe Yourself

It takes some forethought and practice to know how to describe yourself. I once had a meeting set up by a friend who knew I was starting a new venture.  He knew someone who was generous and who had some experience similar to mine and arranged for us to meet.  I prepared what I had […]

Know Yourself

There is more to DiSC or any personality or behavior style assessment than just knowing your dominant style.  The mixture of styles is an important layer and there are tools to know yourself deeply and to have greater understanding. For instance, my “D” is high so, I know that I can be opinionated, energetic, decisive….maybe even, […]

New Tools

The DiSC method of understanding is potentially powerful tool.  While there are all sorts of online assessments that will give a basic reading of a person’s behavior style, and plenty of fat personnel files in HR offices, I still prefer to have at least an hour-and-a-half and a paper version to take people through a […]