Start With One

When we open ourselves up to change and replace our limiting beliefs that hold us back, we are allowing change to take place in us.


S T A R T  W I T H  O N E  T H I N G

Find one thing that you can change and just do it. Close to my 60th birthday, my husband suggested that I stop coloring my hair. Ten or so years earlier, my hairdresser had proclaimed me “washed out”. “Grey” or “maturing” might have been okay, but washed out was NOT.

“Okay, so what do I do?” Her answer was obvious. I had started out with a box, DIY approach and it was okay. I asked my sisters which brand and color to buy. Later, though I did enjoy professional coloring… with highlights and an occasional splash of red. At 60, though, I had made a significant work change and was back to my DIY ways. Admittedly, not very good at maintenance.

Why not try going au natural? I could certainly go back at anytime. My hairdresser was skeptical (of course) but a good sport. She now agrees it was a good change… or at least she says it works for me.

The result has been many compliments, saved money and time, less angst about my appearance, a husband that is pleased he had such a great idea that I took and enjoy the results of.

I often say about myself, “several years ago, I turned 60, and stopped dying my hair and got sassy.”

Change is possible.

Where are you going to start? What’s your change?

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